You may be asking yourself,


"I wonder if there is anything that I could do that would really make a difference?"


    We hear that a lot.  Most people that we've talked to think that nothing they could do would make a dent in these problems.  That is where most of us would be wrong.  Are any of us going to fix this kind of "big" problem in a single stroke?  No, but together we can make a huge dent in the problems in this world.  We tackle them by combining our resources.  Every person helping makes a difference.  Every little bit helps.

Here are three projects we are currently working on and we need your help to finish!

Kibwezi Community Centre

We have finished negotiations with another organization that owned a building complex in Kibwezi, Kenya. We agreed to payment arrangements and are planning to utilize the building for a feeding program for children in the area.  Kids would be able to come on designated days when meals are prepared and fill their bellies.


We would also use the space as a training facility for local women to learn a trade.   This way they could help their families by adding some income to the household.  The majority of the women would probably be single mothers who would have no other way of taking care of themselves.    These women knowing a trade would not only be a great source of pride and self respect, but would be truly life changing.

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Girls Hygiene Kits

Young adult women are very vulnerable in East Africa.  On our 2nd trip, we discovered another need for these female students. Some of the girls were having trouble getting certain hygiene items that they needed.  For the ones that couldn't get these items, they were left with a choice. They could either miss 1 week of school every month, putting them very behind the other kids and adding to the risk that they would just quit, or they had to find a creative way to get those items.  Unfortunately, for some girls that meant turning to prostitution.  We couldn't allow that to continue.  So included in our hygiene kits we supply the girls with reusable sanitary napkins, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, body soap, shampoo, laundry soap, extra panties and a Bible.  This is making a profound impact in the lives of these girls.  They don't have to worry about pregnancy or worse, HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases.

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Backpack program

The backpack program has been around since the beginning of Generation Next. We find Kenyan school children whose parents have scraped enough money to send their child to school, but don't have enough to purchase any school supplies for them to use at school.  The schools do not have any extra for them to use.  We  have seen first hand that this is a very counter productive learning environment.  It frustrates the child and most quit going to school.  This only perpetuates the social/economic problems that exist here.  The backpack we supply are filled with pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners, glue sticks, notebooks, folders, various other school supplies and a Bible.  By getting these children the school supplies they need to learn, they can grow up productive citizens that can become fixers of the problems rather than a part of the problem itself.

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